Free your mind

…and the rest will follow.

The last post was more experimental and probably grating, but I’m, oh, so very much feeling a little more free today to explore a bit of writing now that I’m not beholden to the Cygnet Committee buried in the depths of Facebook.

You know, that faceless censor that makes you fear to say anything that might cause your posts to explode in a cesspool of hatred. Or maybe you’re just a little disappointed that it didn’t explode and you wonder what damp fuse you lit for a fizzle.

Either way, you’re controlled in what you say by that Pavlov treat at the end and you censor yourself to seem more appealing or aggravating, whichever direction you lean over the abyss.

I’m backing off, probably quitting for realsies this time. Sure, I’ll miss some of the interaction, but 90% was fluff. 99%? I buy that…

Anyways, the private responses I’ve gotten, while sparse, were declarations of jealousy for the most part. “I wish I…” and “You know, I might just cut it out tomorrow.”

Don’t do it tomorrow. Do it today, this minute You don’t need that poison; stop drinking that Kool Aid, man. It’s killing folks. So stop. Now.

Here’s one of several posts I’ve read that talks sense about it and better than I would be able to do. It’s just not my wheelhouse, cat. I write nonsense. Others are better at being useful with their messaging.

Check it out.

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