Back in the Social Media Drunk Tank

*”… in the Facebook drunk tank”
Can’t help feeling like these lyrics apply, though it is a far cry from Christmas Eve.

By the time you read this, I will have been released from Facebook jail and released on probation for the crime of having used satire and offended either a non-friend “friend” or a nosy little bot.

I received a 24-ban from the esteemed social network for the sin of using history against our current toddler-in-chief sometime in the middle of February. The long arm of FB law finally caught up with my wayward, biting comment used as a prelude to a New York Times piece written before the bulk of the Covid 19 stuff started happening here in the states, a period of time that the aforementioned toddler was testing boundaries and declaring himself ‘Duce Supremo’ of North America with all the pomp, but none of the substance, of Hitler and Mussolini. Having gotten out of the doghouse himself, he had said he had complete power to do anything his little toddler heart wanted.

I linked to the post and made the comment,

Sigh… Okay. Hail. All hail the supreme leader!

— in German, which was probably my mistake. It was meant as a satirical comment equating said Toddler with another already mentioned world pestilence who also demanded to be considered the Greatest, Most Beautiful and Gracious, Awesome Leader Who Ever Built Racist Walls and Killed Folk For Sport Because Awesome Leaders Can Do Those Kinds of Cool and Groovy Things.

Apparently, one the non-friend friends or bot discovered this long forgotten post, it was deemed to be “supportive of Hate Groups and Terrorists”. (Aside: I wonder what that says about the Toddler? Just a question occurring to me as I write this…).

Also, apparently, it was my fourth transgression of FB “standards” which allow people to spout off about killing people for being made to wear face masks during an epidemic, or beating the shit outta anyone who takes away guns from someone who has far too many to begin with; but not satire associated and linked to public statements made by the toddler in chief.

My other transgressions?

One: Offending someone because I told them to grow the fuck up. I challenged it as the language was no worse than the offended party used. FB agreed.

Two: Posting a news piece from a respectable source (WaPo) pointing out the toddler was lying when he said he never called coronavirus a hoax perpetuated by the Democrats. This was part of the bots sweep going on where plenty of people got dinged because the Toddler put out a statement refuting the report that he was lying. I protested. FB agreed with my argument and reinstated my post, apologizing for the error. [Why this was still considered a transgression, I’m not sure.]

Three: This is the best “violation”… I posted a link to a YouTube video for “Pigs in Zen” by Jane’s Addiction that contained within it the cover of the album “Nothing’s Shocking”. The cover has two nude manikins with their hair aflame and, had it been in a museum by a famous person, it would have been considered fine art. But it is pop art and apparently against FB standards to show nudity of non-sentient manikins with their hair aflame. I protested, FB kept the mark on my record because… nudity. Eyeroll.

Four: The Hail Supreme Overlard post.

Anyone with a modicum of brain activity greater than a turnip would see no pattern of supporting hate groups in my posts. I support hatred of hate groups. Getting flagged as being in support of a hate group is just plain insulting and therefore leads me to the conclusion that only a brainless bot could hate flagged it (probably due to increased activity as I posted old pictures for folks in my Friend Feeds).

If a “friend” was so dense to miss the satire and reported me in spite of my long and storied railing against racism and hate groups…. If I discover them, they have no business calling me a friend. I have nothing against dumb people, but willful idiots is another matter entirely.

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