What of those who DO have a soul?

Perhaps the most appalling thing about the current crisis is we have someone in s position of power who has no talent for the job he’s been thrust into, and who’s lack of empathy cannot be hidden behind shell corporations or by the veils thrown up by sycophants and “yes” people. At the time of this writing, nearly 8000 people have died; deaths potentially avoidable, at least in scale, if the “leader” of the free world hadn’t minimized the situation and actually taken presidential action instead of going out for a free rounds of golf in the two months preceding the crisis.

And instead of acknowledging he didn’t understand the scope of the problems to come, he obfuscates factual information and refuses to accept any responsibility whatsoever for the national lack of preparedness or response.

While. People. Die.

Instead, he worries about ratings, name-calling, firing people for doing their job because it doesn’t agree with his narrative, demands fealty and does everything but tend to the pain and anguish felt by those left behind by souls who have given up the ghost in the wake of his ineptitude.

How far we have fallen as a country if approximately half of my countrymen fail to see the need to make this travesty of an administration pay for the Congress they have committed upon the people of the United States, for the deaths it has blissfully ignored in exchange for the cheers of the circus as the lions rend unarmed fodder to pieces while their Caesar revels in their adoration.

How far we have fallen.

Read the opinion piece prompting my own response: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/06/opinion/trump-coronavirus-empathy.html

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