What of those who DO have a soul?

Perhaps the most appalling thing about the current crisis is we have someone in s position of power who has no talent for the job he’s been thrust into, and who’s lack of empathy cannot be hidden behind shell corporations or by the veils thrown up by sycophants and “yes” people. At the time of this writing, nearly 8000 people have died; deaths potentially avoidable, at least in scale, if the “leader” of the free world hadn’t minimized the situation and actually taken presidential action instead of going out for a free rounds of golf in the two months preceding the crisis.

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Alone with everyone else

I’ve returned to my recluse lifestyle after a year and four month experiment with participating in the whole social networking thing after a 10-year sabbatical from the mad consensual delusion people collectively engage in that’s supposed to be reflective of some kind of personalized community, but is largely an expansion of small talk over the backyard fence — just with scores or hundreds of backyard neighbors. It’s not been a week yet, but I can feel a larger calm and patience with everyday frustrations that I didn’t have while I was mainlining the social networking drug.

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New Car, Caviar, Four-Star Daydream

I can’t do details which may be Top Secret, but there will be blood to pay come starting Monday. Or less money coming into the household, anyway. It’s the Dreaded CV’s fault that panic is an all time high and the lack of leadership that exacerbated the DCV situation that caused things to go haywire and, well, now it’s time for everyone to take their lumps in the non-government world (who never have to worry about pay during times like this and I fully expect they will pat each other on the back when the dust settles and vote themselves an increase in pay).

Was that vague enough for you? I surely hope so.

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