Autumn painting in my head

©2022 Michael Raven

I am stuck on an image after I conjured it in my head a bit ago. It’s one of those pleasant images, a careless thing, and something I don’t often allow myself the liberty to entertain most days. As I’ve gotten older, such things seem both more important than ever, something taken for granted when I was young, and now threatening to be too frivolous for the likes of now-me with my responsibilities and sensible career with it’s sensible salary and sensible benefits.

Here in Minnesota, it seems like my two favorite seasons are always truncated into about a week apiece. Winter turns to summer with a drive-by visit from spring; then, we seem to get another overnight visit from autumn once summer has decided to give up the ghost and fade into winter. It might be my imagination, but that’s honestly how it feels to me. And a short little autumn seems like such a rip-off, if you ask me.

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city of night

©2022 Michael Raven

time to throw away
the guns, sent skittering
down poorly lit avenues
sparks dancing orange
in forever nights, against
the backdrop sodium
flickered jaundice. weary
salad days wilted of
mendacity & illusive
recollective perjury fall
slipstream to the clutter
gutter of the past

unable to muster energy
to fill the metered rage
our protagonist shuffles
out into eternal drizzle
& pervasive grey

visual trash

©2022 Michael Raven

everything is questioned
these days, when you
no longer follow silhouette
fingers moon pointing &
follow tips to the hand to
the arm to the shoulder
to the heart and look back
at the empty void selling
soap and smiles, you
cannot unsee static-
filled television myth

oh, boojum...
are those shadows so
dear? visual trash --
i see what you hide