©2021 Michael Raven

drawing down my weary face
with two arthritic claws
the better to count the
rings round my eyes
how old am i? tell me those
years have yet to catch me

but i know the truth
snared in the web
too many beatings by fate
have added as to this face
i'm tired and
increasingly broken
forgetting the bit in
my mouth

Site modifications

©2021 Michael Raven

I am currently in the process of updating the look of Sceadugenga in advance of some expected future needs (example: I have now combined the About, “Why Sceadugenga?” and Contact pages into a single page and overhauled the language on those pages, as well as the overall look).

If things go wonky during that process, I apologize and assure you I will be doing what I can to make it work again ASAP. You may have trouble finding certain posts or pages during the process as I clean up some of the loose ends and orphaned projects, and prepare for some hefty revisions to a few items (e.g., my post earlier today about rune interpretations).

I appreciate your patience during this overhauling of the site.

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revisiting runes: overview

©2021 Michael Raven

If it hasn’t been plainly obvious, I am obsessed with runes since I started looking into them earlier this autumn, trying to realize their symbolism, spiritual and shamanistic potential. I am a lifelong student of matters of the spirit and, as time goes on, it is pretty plain to me that my leanings are with Northern European traditions with a shamanic lens filtering how I perceive various elements. The thoughts and stories that touch me most are aligned with early Celtic, Norse and (what little is known about them) Pictish paths, with a healthy dose of traditions found with the far northern pastoral nomads calling themselves the Sámi.

Runes, to me, seem to resonate in a way that other spiritual and occult tools have not, although I still haven’t dug as deep as I need to with ogham/ogam (which I will, after I feel like I understand enough about runes to not conflate the two systems). Runes “speak” to me in ways that other methods of spiritual practice do not.

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runepoem | 08 dec 2021

©2021 Michael Raven

caught up
between dog & wolf
untethered, unmoored
i allow myself to drift
across rippling waters
trusting wyrd's guidance
to homeward shores

Note: For the purposes of these runepoems, I randomly select three runes and consider the meanings of each rune as I interpret and understand them based on a number of different resources, which may or may not be in alignment with accepted interpretations. I am a rune enthusiast, not an expert or scholar. These “runecasts” are not intended to be treated as divinatory, although there are elements of personal alchemy and shamanic practice in the crafting of each poem.