i will follow

©2023 michael raven

legs cut flint & bramble
i will follow, i will go
breath of the wind & soul
i will follow, i will go

climb the hillock broke
i will follow, i will go
scratching stone to bone
i will follow, i will go

painted in sun & song
i will follow
i will go

Playing Sherlock

©2023 michael raven

I’ve been doing some research after seeing an interesting pattern develop in my occasional forays into my DNA makeup at 23andMe. It’s taken me a bit to put enough stock into what I was seeing to really dig in, but I happened to get one of those regular emails from the service that tells me “X number of new relatives” have been added to the service in the past 30 days.

I decided to meander over to the map section and was reminded that their new prediction model release last July jiggered things around a bit with some interesting results.

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patterns scratched

©2023 michael raven

patterns scratched
across my bone
runes & other lost
you held my hand

i still held sunlight
piercing thick clouds
warm on skin as it
all begins with ropes
& wrists at the edge
of the world, sea
crashing below, your
eyes painted kohl
bone between &
sharp colors dancing

no snow & sieidi
first flowers for our hair
the low songs sung

hand held & shadows
mirroring patterns
scratched across bone