soul kissed
heartbeat sister
where are you tonight?
on an ocean hoarfrost
riding each frozen wave?
or tripping on the moonbeam
cutting aions twain tonight?
ages' chasm betwixt us
i long to touch again

soul kissed
heartbeat sister
where are you tonight?

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Is it just me? [updated w/examples]

Or is the new color scheme for WP administration in the browser shudder-worthy to anyone else?

I hate the red. Hate it hate it hate it.

The blue isn’t much better, but it’s still got readability in mind.

[Update: examples below]


Just ugly. I equate red with emergency, so I subconsciously think something is amiss with my posts. Bad color scheme, IMHO.

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Reverend Michael

In a rare break from my tradition of not explaining my poetry and leaving it to the reader to interpret the meaning, I should probably explain the background behind the rev/ and I read it in books. More because there is a much bigger story behind it than it needs much explanation.

Longtime readers (if you can call anything greater than 2 months “longtime”) will probably recall that I have traversed the gamut of religions and spiritual practices in trying to define my own. In roughly chronological order, I explored or dabbled in: raised Catholic, existentialism, Mahayana Buddhism (though I didn’t know it at the time), general mysticism (Sri Chinmoy), Kabbalism, Starhawk-flavored Wicca, Theatrical Urban Wicca (kind of a unique and probably unfindable tradition these days), Gnosticism, Celtic Druidism (not OBOD), general NW Coastal Native American shamanism, Lakota (“Sioux”) medicine, Taoism, Zen (with and without the Buddhism), Ásatrú (old Norse revival religion) and a few others tossed in to give everything flavor.

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